In 2016, one of my three older brothers named Mark was diagnosed with Burtkitt Lymphoma, which is an extremely aggressive blood cancer that is rare in the west. Luckily, due to the incredible care he received at UNC Hospital, he has recovered fully.

One of his oncologists, Dr. Kate Westmoreland, was in residency at UNC Hospital at the time of Mark's diagnosis. She had been working in the country of Malawi, where this form of cancer is much more common as a result of malaria. In Malawi, outcomes for pediatric Berkitt patients are much worse due to a lack of access to healthcare resources.

The Robinson Malawi fund is a charity organization focused on raising money to improve outcomes for pediatric Burkitt's Lymphoma patients in Malawi through direct patient care.

Raising money for the Robinson Malawi Fund at Porter Robinson's "Second Sky" music festival in 2019, $154,000 was raised for the cause, which was enough to cover all pediatric Burkitt medical treatment in Malawi for 2 years.

I created the branding for this organization, which can be viewed below.


3D Design